MyCntdwn Is Still Being Used

In late 2019, I removed my first app, MyCntdwn, from the App Store. It was a sad day for me, but it was also time. I had been hemming and hawing on whether I wanted to continue to support MyCntdwn (and Showers: White Noise Generator). I finally decided to stop developing it and haven’t looked back.

Every week, I get an email from Apple with app usage statistics. This email also includes usage statistics for apps that are no longer listed. I find these emails interesting.

MyCntdwn Usage in April 2023

The image above is part of this week’s email. It shows that MyCntdwn had 375 sessions from opted in users in the past week. Isn’t that crazy? MyCtndwn is still being used by some people. Not many, but by some. The app hasn’t been updated since 2017 and was removed from sale in 2019.

Part of me would love to post one more update to the app. That update would just tell people to download Daniel Gauthier’s excellent Up Ahead app.

These emails from Apple telling me poeple are using the app haven’t perked my interested in reviving MyCntdwn at all. But I’m glad that some folks are still getting use out of a very old app.