DC Universe

DC Universe is a new product that my company (Warner Bros. Digital Labs) recently shipped.

It’s a project that a lot of us in the company have been working on for almost two years now. We’ve had other projects to work on during that time, but during the last few months, this has taken center stage during our days, nights and weekends.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on the comic book reader for both iOS and tvOS. I’ve worked on other parts of the app(s), but my “baby” was the comic book reader(s). They aren’t perfect and I could probably tell you everything that’s wrong with them. But I’m proud of how they turned out. The iOS/tvOS comic book reader(s) were both written (mostly) by me and from scratch. It was nice to see something like that come to fruition.

We had a very rough Summer getting it ready for consumers and finally released it on September 12th. There was a bit of time where I wasn’t sure if we would ship the app. But we all pulled through and shipped an amazing app.

The DC Universe app was featured on day one. Since then, we’ve had an App Store Story featured about the app. That was a really good feeling. It was also a first for me and any project I’ve worked on before. We’ve had a few apps featured, but never had an app store story about them.

We recently released an update that featured some original content (Titans) that was developed explicitly for the app. It’s something that we’ve been talking about for a long time and it’s finally out for others to enjoy too.

I know the entire team was proud of what we have built. I’m not sure what’s coming next for the app and service, but it will be fun to watch.